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My name is Laura Gilbert. I am a spinning instructor, personal trainer, masseuse and nutritionist. I met Errol about two months ago at the David Lloyd Club where I work …

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Case study for Laura Gilbert
Case study for Dora Steinborn
At the point I decided to visit Dr Errol Denton, I was feeling very run down, low in energy and exhausted by continuous health problems I was having. For the …

Dora Steinborn, 28
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Case study for Lorraine Clarke
I read an article about Errol in the Newspaper regarding microwave ovens. I realized all my vegetables were being cooked in the microwave and I thought I was eating healthily. …

Lorraine Clarke, N/A
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Case study for Anonymous
Before I saw Errol, I had an exceptionally high cholesterol level. My GP prescribed Statin and suggested that I go to the gym regularly and eat a low-calorie diet; nothing …

Anonymous, 46
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Case study for Hilary Banks
I went to get a live blood analysis done towards the end of 2011. I was felling "lifeless” and had trouble getting to the top of the stairs without getting …

Hilary Banks, 60
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Case study for Kintu De Coninck
1) The reason I went for a live blood analysis test, was because I had been suffering from different ailments that have been affecting my day to day life. For …

Kintu De Coninck, 26
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Case study for Lynton Noel
Please find enclosed the testimonial I am sorry to have kept it so long but I have been waiting for the blood test result for the hospital. Please excuse by …

Lynton Noel, 82
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