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I had my first Microscopy session and test with Errol on 23rd May 2007. In the year prior to that I had several blood tests at my local hospital, with …

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Case study for Kathleen Coleman-Cooke
Case study for Eli Anderson
I needed to prepare myself physically and spiritually for the development of my new professions. And ensure that I was available, fit and healthy for my family. Although I did …

Eli Anderson, 40
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Case study for Margaret Guillen
My reason for live blood test was that I have tried to lose weight and I could not , I had some weight challenge before my live blood test , …

Margaret Guillen, 40
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Case study for Ates Nalbantoglu
At first I didn’t believe there was anything seriously wrong with my blood and I was reluctant to go and have a test done. When I saw my blood on …

Ates Nalbantoglu, 23
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Case study for Moira Swayne
I had my first microscopy test in March 2009. Why? I was 52, part time administrator, mother of three grown up children and weighing just under 11 stone. Each year …

Moira Swayne, 52
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Case study for HRH Sultanah Pahang Kalsom Shah
Before starting this programme my energy level was a bit low and although not overweight I felt I carried a few extra pounds more than I would have liked. Errol …

HRH Sultanah Pahang Kalsom Shah , N/A
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Case study for Steve Pope
IT worked for me! Steve Pope tells how a visit to the ‘Blood Doctor’ became a life-changing moment for his health and well-being What started off as a journalistic exercise …

Steve Pope, N/A
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