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The main reason we had the live blood test was High Blood Pressure and Fatigue and weight loss. Pre January 2012 both of us had common health problems weight, High …

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Case study for Anonymous
Case study for Fiona Harvey
The last few years had been very stressful, the family had a lot of grief to deal with and I became my father’s carer during his illness, travelling from London …

Fiona Harvey, 43
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Case study for Homer Campbell
I have been feeling very unwell for over 2 years my main health problem was my breathing I would get out of breath all the time, I also had pains …

Homer Campbell, 54
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Case study for Ruth North
Due to going to Errol’s seminar I decide to have my blood checked. Before I had a live blood test and starting Errol’s programme I was 11 stone 8 1bs …

Ruth North, 69
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Case study for Andrew Prodromou
Before my live blood test my weight was 104 kg. My main reason for having the test was because I had a severely inflamed arm due to my diabetes and …

Andrew Prodromou, 61
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Case study for Derrick Brown
After two knee operations I had endless trouble with my knees. I was also overweight, and lacked energy. My sister said to go and see Errol Denton. I visited him …

Derrick Brown, 30
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Case study for Angela Cowan
I have been smoking for 29 years Since the age of 16 been told I was heading for a stroke! Then i got introduced to Errol and within 3 days …

Angela Cowan, 45
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