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Dear Errol, Thank you for the blood test. I have had a fantastic two weeks break and feel REALLY GOOD. The main result is that I don't have anymore horrible …

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Case study for Fergal Collins
I was introduced to live blood testing via Tony Robbins’ Life Mastery event. After an "Unleash the Power Within” event in London my partner and I decided to make improvements …

Fergal Collins, 35
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Case study for Elane Jackson
My name is Elane Jackson, i'm 56 years young, i'm a mailing operative and live in North London, for the past ten years or so I had been suffering with …

Elane Jackson, 56
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Case study for Mark Warmer
I weighed approx 16 stone when I had my first microscopy session. I was always tired due to my working long shifts. I had low energy levels and used to …

Mark Warmer, 40
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Case study for Helen Dixon
My name is Helen Dixon. I live in North Wales right by the sea.Back in April last year I became quite ill with an illness called Polymyalgia Rheumatica It is …

Helen Dixon, 50
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Case study for Dion Lawrence
Before liveblood test for about 3 years, I suffered with fatigue, no energy, muscle ache, always tired and headaches. I had been to the doctors on numerous occassions, referred to …

Dion Lawrence, 35
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Case study for Genni Rigoberts
I read a news article in a magazine about Errol Denton and decided to respond. Before my live blood test I weighed 12 stones. I used to exercise but got …

Genni Rigoberts, 38
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