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Case study for Desline Shoultz
I first heard about Errol Denton the Microscopist through my friend Mrs Treasure. She had the test and told me about it.

The main reason I came along for the live blood test was due to my high blood pressure and kidney problems. My kidney problems were due to my blood pressure tablets lisinopril and deaxosin which caused me kidney side effects. My blood pressure was very high and has been for many years over 6 years 177/98.

Before coming for the test I felt tired easily and I was very overweight dress size 16. Never really been able to shift the weight

I found the live blood test session very enlightening and Errol Denton very professional and easy to talk to. When I saw my blood cells on the screen I could see my blood cells clumped together and they were various shapes shades and sizes. This pushed me to action with my health.

After starting on Errol’s programme on the 19th September 08 after 4 weeks I took myself of my blood pressure tablets; my blood pressure is now 145/80 without any medication. After 6 weeks I have lost over a dress size I am now a dress size 14 and still losing. All my friends and family have notice my weight loos and energy; I feel now fantastic, energetic and full of life.

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