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Case study for Andrew R Carpenter
I was overweight (15 stone 7lbs) and was becoming increasingly likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. My main health problem was the increasing occurrence of gout. On seeing my GP the only help available to me was to take medication daily for the rest of my life. I wasn’t happy to do this and asked my GP if I could see a Nutritionist to help me change my diet in order to ease my gout. I was told I didn’t meet the criteria for a referral and that "I would be wasting my money” by going private.

Being a keen golfer and the gout hampering my handicap, a golfing friend recommended Errol Denton, Microscopist to me. I found Errol to be extremely knowledgeable and I found his comments and advice both helpful and logical.

Since I have followed Errol’s dietary recommendation I have lost over two stone in weight, have more energy, but the main benefit is that I have not had any recurrence of gout.

I plan to continue with this diet as I realise it is a lifestyle change and what the long term benefits would be.

I would happily recommend Errol to anyone and am very pleased with the way he has helped me over the pat few months.

Andrew R Carpenter

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