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Case study for Sofeta Jackson
Before my live blood test
My health has been very poor for a long time, I was so ill I was bedridden. I could not even go out to church because of my bad health. I have been seeking help for my health issues for a long time and have seen many different specialists and been on numerous medicines. I have attended hospital outpatients for years. I had serve eczema all over my body from head to foot for 40 years. I have been a type 2 diabetic for 8 years and my blood pressure has been high for years. I used to see my doctor every 3 weeks. When I used to lie down I would be in so much pain that I would have to sit up all the time. February 2006 I collapsed and was rushed to hospital and stayed 6 weeks then discharged for 4 weeks then taken back into hospital for another few weeks. At the time the hospital said that I had severe eczema, severe dehydration, and high sugar intake. I was not eating properly.

My friend Dorothy was very concerned about my health so she suggested that I came along to have my blood looked at. (at the time my friend had not had her blood checked) but her very close friend Nygen had already had her live blood test done by Errol and had starting seeing good results. So my friend recommended that I gave it a try!!

I found the live blood test experience to be very interesting, it was a real eye opener and it showed all what was wrong with me. I found Errol Denton the Microscopist to be very polite and very educated. He explained what was wrong with me and introduced me to the correct foods and ph miracle green drink that would help me and it did help!

After my blood test

I was able to go to church a week later!! I walked to the shops something that I could not do before. My husband always collects my prescriptions I collected them myself last week. Before I had the test I had bad concentration and foggy thinking especially when reading now these things have all improved. I have also gained lots more energy and can do so much more with my time.

I had two nurses that used to visit me once per week. Now they no longer need to come and visit me. I also have a helper who comes to bath me and hold me in the bath. She visits 2 times per week to dry and cream me due to my eczema. My helper was so surprised to see me so well I am going to tell her that I no longer need her and that I can manage to bath myself. Overall I am feeling much better. My face has totally cleared up. My skin, hands and legs are getting better. My diabetes is stable and all my friends and family have noticed the change in my appearance and say I look healthier.

After trying for many years with my doctor’s different health treatments with nothing working I was amazed to find that this has worked in such a short space of time. I have seen so many improvements in my health therefore I will keep doing what Errol has recommended to gain my total health back.

As time has gone on I have had more and more energy I am out visiting all the time and keeping up all my church commitments. Each week I do my own food shopping pulling my own trolley before I could not go someone had to go for me.

I had six tests at the hospital for blood pressure cholesterol etc since following this programme. The results were excellent and the hospital could not understand how they were so good for a person of my age. The consultant wanted to keep my test results because she had not seen improvements like these before!! As I have been getting my health back my family and friends all have noticed so I have recommended Errol’s Microscopy service to many of them who are now doing the programme.

Live blood test retest 3rd August 2007

I had my retest done by Errol Denton the results were that my blood had very much improved. I have still got some work to do, but on the whole things are looking very good!!

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