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My name is Frances Fraser; I am 42 and live in North London. I am a full time mum and was introduced to live blood test by my partner.

I had my test in October 2008 and wanted to try it as I had tried so many different things to lose weight (all of which had failed) and feel better, along with living a healthy lifestyle. Having taken the test, at first I thought I may find this really hard but in fact it has been much easier than anticipated and now, for me there is no looking back. I have lost 1 stone and I feel so much better and feel I look so much better too. I will most definitely be alkalizing my body for life, eating properly with plenty of greens to ensure my life is prolonged and to give my body the best possible boost I can. In terms of my health and awareness of food this is the best thing I have done and will continue to eat in this way (properly) from now on. The health changes I have experienced are amazing and I highly recommend everyone to take the test, look at your live blood and live a longer and healthier life.

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