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Case study for Robert Rollins
Before my live blood test I weighed 14 stone 8lbs now I am 12 stone 7lbs after 3 months! My blood pressure was 140/95 with tablets now it is 130/90 without tablets. My waist was 37 inches now it is 34 inches fitting into all my old clothes. I feel fitter and don’t get tired playing golf as I am a keen golfer. I no longer wake up in the night sweating.

People say I look better and my skin looks healthy. I intend to carry on with this lifestyle. When I look at the food that I used to eat; it now repulses me.

The test was easy it was just a small pin prick to one of my fingers. A small sample of blood was analysed under a microscope via a computer. I could see my blood cells on the screen and how they should look. My blood is a lot healthier after 3 months

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