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Case study for Karen-Lovett-Hurren
Before my blood test with Errol I thought I was a healthy person although, I did have some problems that both doctors and food intolerance specialists couldn’t solve. So when I met Errol, I was still had questions regarding my health. By looking at my blood Errol gave me all the answers I needed.


My energy levels were always low and it didn’t seem to matter what I did, I always had a vague feeling of lethargy that was difficult to shake off.

At weekends, I could sleep for 9 and 10 hours if there was no alarm set to wake me. On weekdays, if I didn’t go to bed early, the next morning would be a struggle to actually open my eyes and haul myself out of bed. I felt almost nauseous with the effort. If I had a bad week for sleep where I had some late nights and early starts, I always got a cold. This started with a sore throat, which I fought off with Vitamin C tablets and extra fruit. It could hang around for weeks and would always come out, rendering me useless for at least 3 or 4 days. I used to suffer from headaches too, they were bad enough that I had to take painkillers to stop them, which I hated, as I don’t like taking drugs for anything.

I had used food intolerance tests before, so I knew I had a yeast problem, but had no idea that it was as bad as it was until I sat down with Errol! Other consultants had told me I had this problem, but they didn’t explain the cause of it, so I would cut out alcohol and yeast based foods for a while; feel a bit better but never completely well and then the symptoms used to come straight back. On advice, I took 2 acidophilus every day, this seemed to stop me from getting yeast infections and I changed my lifestyle so I no longer had to cope with a stressful job but the tiredness had not disappeared as I had hoped.

Before meeting Errol I did bits of exercise here and there, but I didn’t really have the energy to fully commit to an exercise programme. I hated jogging as it hurt to breathe and my joints ached.

The Blood Test

When Errol did my blood test I was fascinated, appalled and shocked! You watch your blood cells working on a screen; it’s so informative and interesting. Errol explained exactly what I was looking at in detail. Lots of my cells were full of yeast. They literally looked like donughts when they should have been round, full and dark in colour. Mine looked like they were almost luminous! Having been an avid 5 fruit and veg a day person, I had been overloading on fruit. I had been storing up trouble for my body for years without realising it. Errol gave me all this information calmly and then provided me with a complete solution. I followed his advice. He was concise, interesting and full of enthusiasm for improving my health.


Since starting the programme I have experienced significant changes.

I need less sleep.

I have loads more energy.

I haven’t had a cold or sore throat since I met Errol.

I no longer have headaches and if I feel a slight pain in my head, I drink more water and it disappears immediately.

I have started jogging three times per week and find it easy as I have so much more stamina. I now recover from exercise more quickly as I no longer have the aches and pains and breathing is much easier.

On holiday at Xmas, I swam for an hour every day and found it so easy.

My body shape has changed and I’ve lost 3 pounds with out trying.

My head is now completely clear and I no longer suffer from lethargy and fatigue.

I have become a ‘grazer'. I eat little and often which suits my system and helps with my energy levels.

My bowels are completely regular.

I eat lots more vegetables and salad stuff and have been sprouting my own seeds at home on the kitchen windowsill.

My blood even told Errol I had a problem with my left shoulder. If I suffer from stress I get tense in this area and suffer from stiffness and aches.

I now have a keen interest in nutrition and understand the effects that food, drink and stress inflict on your body and overall health.


I haven’t had a re-test yet but when I do, I am hoping that the changes I have made will make a difference to the quality of my blood.

As you can see, I have lots to thank Errol for and intend to keep in touch, as he is my health ‘guru’. All the questions I needed answers for, have been answered. I cannot thank him enough and encourage anyone who values their health to book an appointment to have their blood tested. Errol will help you to make massive changes for the better in leaps and bounds. And your body will thank you for it!

Follow up testimonial for Karen

Dear Errol and Ruth,

Just thought I’d give you an update on my progress.

I have had a fungal infection on my two big toes for years. I went to the Doctor who prescribed Lamisil tablets. I had to take them for 6 months and couldn’t give a blood donation which I found a little startling to say the least. The infection didn’t clear up, it just came back soon after I completed the course of tablets. I went to another GP who asked me to try the Lamisil cream instead. He told me he didn’t like prescribing the tablets as they could do damage to my kidneys. So I didn’t even use the cream, I threw it away and just put up with the infection, hoping my body might clear itself eventually. I now know that the overdoses of yeast that were in my body were causing this infection. Having been on this alkaline way of eating for some time now, I have noticed that the infection has completely cleared up on it’s own as I have given my body the chance to clear itself of yeast and the fungal infection with my diet.

My hair dresser has commented on how soft my hair always is and my nails are much stronger and grow very, very quickly.

My skin is always clear and soft, (unless I’m naughty and have some chocolate and then I get a spot!)

Our friends and family are commenting on how well we both look and people I meet for the first time who do not know me cannot believe that I’m 41 years of age which is very nice!

Thank you both once again for all your help, advice, support and encouragement. Andy and I feel like we have two new friends which is lovely.

Kind regards,


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Before my blood test with Errol I thought I was a healthy person although, I did have some problems that both doctors and food intolerance specialists couldn’t solve. So when …

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