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Case study for Catriona Grove

I was given methotrexate (also used in cancer treatment) and folic acid to be taken weekly. The methotrexate suppresses your immune system so it kills your white blood cells but this means if you get an infection you don’t have the antibodies to fight the infection. Folic acid helps to reduce the side-effects caused by methotrexate.

I had been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in December 2010 and began taking numerous drugs on a regular basis. Psoriatic arthritis is an autoimmune illness, i.e. a disease that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against your own tissues. What I heard was "your own body is killing you”. I found this very frightening – what could I do stop this besides keep taking the pills.

Fortnightly blood tests were taken to be checked. I was never given the results but after a year when I asked about the results of the blood test I was told they were fine and you need to take even more tablets.

I had been to a course where Errol as a guest speaker explained about his microscopy tests and I decided to ask Errol if he could help me understand what was happening inside my body.

I had been trying to lose weight without success and had weighed 15st 1lb. My finger and knee joints were very painful and I was struggling to open glass jars or walk up and down stairs.

At my live blood test analysis Errol helped me to understand the impact my eating habits had on my blood and consequently my health and more importantly how I needed to change these habits. He has a lovely sympathetic manner as if he truly understands what you are going through, and I strongly believe he does.

After a crash diet eating nothing but microwaved food just before my appointment with Errol I had managed to lose some weight and was now 13st 5lb.I had regularly been giving blood for analysis so was not looking forward to giving more but Errol’s method of collecting blood is so different to the hospital that I was able to watch everything that he did without fear of pain at all.

On the screen I could see bunches of red blood cells like bunches of dark grapes. My white blood cells were dying, moving very slowly (if at all) and spewing their contents. I had signs of cancer cells, and the eerie glow of too much sugar consumption.

Errol gave me a strict diet sheet which I decided to follow exactly as he prescribed. It wasn’t easy as a college lecturer as some of my lectures are 2½hrs long but I persevered – and I’m so glad I did.I stopped taking my medication about 4 weeks into Errol’s program. I had to do this gradually as there could have been repercussions within my body.

What a difference when I went back to see Errol. I now weigh 9st 11lb and feel great (for the ladies that means I was a size 18, dropped to a size 16 and am now a size 12). My legs no longer swell into the shape of a tree trunk. I’ve discovered the ankles I used to have  I feel more energetic which is amazing.

When I felt lethargic the doctor at my hospital suggested that I may be lacking in vitamin D and/or that my blood was low in iron. Recent blood tests since following Errol’s eating plan has proved this not to be the case.

My husband, family, close friends and colleagues have commented on the ‘sudden’ change and as I feel more energetic that’s fantastic. I am committed to following Errol’s guidelines as I don’t want to go back to the way I was. I am particularly happy that in a short space of time the pre-cancer cells seem to have disappeared, my red blood cells are no longer attached to one another and my white blood cells are moving fairly quickly, as if they are as happy as I am - all good news.

I haven’t been able to exercise as much as I would like because of my job but now the students’ exams are over and we are just waiting for the results I intend to do much more exercise similar to when I was a lot younger. Errol never makes me feel as if I ask too many questions – which I do. I want to know what if …..? What happens if ……? Can I do ……? What’s that …..? etc etc. Errol arrived in my life at just the right time to turn it around. (For Errol - Thank you!!)

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