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Case study for Lynton Noel
Please find enclosed the testimonial I am sorry to have kept it so long but I have been waiting for the blood test result for the hospital.
Please excuse by bad typing my typewriter had been giving me problems and I am quite a novice at that. I would be grateful if someone from your office could type it over for you hope to see you next visit.

Chief Complaint:Type 2 Diabetes

I got to know about Errol Denton from my daughter Thea who told me that a friend who visited at No 1 Harley Street some time ago told her how pleased and grateful she was with the way he dealt with her case. I therefore decided to visit Errol to see if he could treat my condition as well.

I made this visit on 15/05/11 to have a live blood test. Before the test I was told by the hospital that the glucose level was 9 and that the cholesterol level was 5. The tablets prescribed at the time to treat the two conditions were Atorvastatin, Gliclazide, Metformin, but the Atorvastatin was giving me too much pain in the stomach and I decided to discontinue it. I was left with the Gliclazide and the Metformin, which proved quite ineffective to remedy the situation and I was hoping for some other better remedy. When my daughter gave me me the news about Errol, there and then my wife made contact with Errol to arrange for my first appointment as stated above.

Before my first appointment at No1 Harley Street the following conditions existed;

I used to have continual headaches giddiness lack of appetite my weight was over 9 stone my glucose was 9 and cholesterol around 5, as given by the then blood test. I had always been feeling out of sorts looking ill tired and seem to lack energy for everything.

From the time I abandoned the tablets and went on Errol’s programme, my condition has greatly improved and all the previous conditions mentioned above no longer existed. I feel much better look much healthier as my family members have noticed.

At my first Live Blood Test I was quite astonished to see the state of my blood.. many of the cells were distorted and stuck together in clumps, with white patches all around. It was not pleasant sight for me and never thought the situation was so bad.

At my Re Test Live Blood Much of the white patches had gone, so were the clumps. The cells were much more independent and circular and could move about more in circulation. My recent hospital blood test the Cholesterol was 3 and the glucose was given as 7 this cannot be quite correct in our opinion if the recent test was taken as had to be the case within the last four months. I take the blood test every morning before breakfast the highest it ever has been 5.8 the lowest was 3 these averages in these 4 months could not conceivable give a reading of 7 if taken correctly. Now that I have Errol I don’t need the tablets not strips or lancets, and have no need for insulin my blood sugar is normal.

I must say how happy and pleased I am with my new programme. The tablets given to me for my diabetes for all these months and years to curb this stubborn complaint have had very little or no real effect on this stubborn condition. Within the few months I have been on this new programme I can see concrete improvements all around. Errol’s programme has been controlling my diabetes as no other treatment before has ever done for me. Errol control is diabetes control and would recommend Errol to anyone who has been in my condition.

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