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Case study for Pansy Knight

I decided to have a live blood test with Errol Denton because I was feeling fatigued all the time. I was not feeling very well and was constantly falling asleep at my desk at work.  My blood circulation was so poor I could not feel my fingers and toes most of the time.  I would have to put my fingers in my mouth to warm them up or sitting on the train I would place my hands between my legs.  Even with gloves on I struggled to keep warm.  My blood pressure was also high and I was supposed to start taking medication for it but I did not want to.  I was scared that once I started taking blood pressure tablets there was no going back.  I knew that there were side effects to taking these tablets and I would have to take them for the rest of my life. 

I knew from the experience of other friends who had gone down that route that once they began taking the drugs they had to take other drugs for the side effects.  Those drugs also have side effects so it is a vicious cycle embarking on a cocktail of drugs.  My cousin in America is crippled from the amount of drugs she is taking and it started off with her high blood pressure medication.

I used to go to the gym and aerobics but in recent years I steadily did less and less.  I had less time more work to focus on and stress.  I started gaining weight rapidly as a result.

I found the microscopy test mind blowing to see the state my blood was in.  I was almost scared to death to believe that I was walking around with my blood like this due to what I was eating and drinking. It was like a ticking time bomb.  People do not realise they could be walking around thinking they are healthy like me but are on their way to serious illness.  I thought I was eating healthily based on what society says is a normal healthy diet regarding eating five a day etc.  When I saw my blood I was shocked to see holes in the blood cells, there was yeast and fungus it was not like how normal blood cells should be.  The cells were not moving around freely and were sticking together.  This explained why I was feeling how I was fatigued and having poor circulation.

After seeing my blood cells on the screen I realised I had a bad diet I was eating a lot of carbohydrates, sugars and meat as I craved sugars.

I found Errol Denton very professional and reassuring about the results.  He explained everything about how the blood should be in a clear way that I could understand.  He showed me what normal healthy blood should look like compared to mine.  Errol gave me a programme to follow and these are the results of following it:

Before the live blood analysis I weighed 10 stone 7 pounds and all my clothes were tight fitting.  Now I weigh 9 stones and all my clothes are loose fitting.  The only thing is I need a new wardrobe!

Some of the clothes that were too tight for me to wear however, that I had just put away in the wardrobe I can get back into them now.  I no longer feel tired also the numbness in my hands and feet has now disappeared.  My blood pressure is back to normal.  I went back to my doctor who confirmed that my blood pressure is normal and I do not need medication.

Everybody in my church has asked me what my secret of looking so good is.  My skin is so smooth some people have even thought that I had a facelift.   I keep meeting people I know on the street and they keep saying how well I look and how I have glowing skin. Younger girls have commented on how good I look and want to find out what I do to look so trim.  I also have more energy than I did before starting the programme.  I would highly recommend Errol Denton live blood test Harley Street to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of life as I have.

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Case study for Pansy Knight
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