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Live Blood Analysis Harley Street

Feb 21, 2010

Errol Denton has over the past five years become the the UK’s leading expert live blood microscopist.  When BBC1 decided  to make a program about hot and cold on health they needed  a specialist group of scientists  and experts in their field and Errol was their first port of call.   He subsequently appeared on The One show  7pm, Friday 8th May 2009.  He has appeared on BBC Television and radio on numerous occasions speaking on health topics.  View some press appearances here.

About Errol

As a former tournament tennis player, he always searched for an edge in performance through optimum nutrition. Errol studied a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and also qualified as a personal trainer and nutritionist.

When a chance meeting with Dr Robert Young  himself also a former tennis player occurred it gave him an opportunity to study  live blood microscopy in America. He became a certified nutritional microscopist in 2005 – trained in the new biology by Dr Robert Young in California – and is now the UK’s expert live blood analyst.

Errol has also had the great opportunity of playing tennis against Dr Young who once played tennis with the likes of David and John Lloyd as well as the great Jimmy Connors himself.  Who can forget Jimmy Connors in those epic Wimbledon matches against both Borg and McEnroe!

Since incorporating live blood microscopy into his repertoire of healing alongside Iridology and nutrition Errol has literally helped thousands of people recover their heath view what his client’s are saying here.

Due to Errol’s amazing results achieved with his clients primarily using food as a medicine; Errol’s practice in Harley Street Central London has grown merely by word of mouth!  Over ninety percent of his new clients are referred by his very satisfied existing clients.

Please check http://www.livebloodtest.com for more information

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