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Three ways how what you eat can affect your body and mind

Aug 26, 2010

The human body needs food and drink to survive.  The food that one consumes is absorbed and the trace minerals, elements, vitamins are extracted for the repair of the body.  The human body is constantly in a state of repair and reconstruction; every 120 days we get new red blood cells, every 3 years we grow a new liver and every 7 years every cell in our body has been replaced.  I often use the analogy of the human body resembling a house made of bricks, the bricks being the red blood cells.  The quality of the house depends on the quality of the bricks in this case red blood cells. The quality of the red blood cells depend entirely on the foods a person consumes.  The universal truth is you are what you eat and drink.

If a person eats the wrong foods and drinks they may begin to suffer from various health complaints such as: anxiety, restlessness, depression, tension, pain and much more.  Some of these symptoms are linked with deficiency of trace minerals and elements within the body which can be rectified by simply eating the right foods and drinks.

As a person ages a poor diet will cause pain in the joints particularly because of the long period of time that they have been consuming these foods.  An acidic diet will also cause problems with digestion and of course sleep.  As you may already be aware in one of my previous articles regarding the importance of sleep I mentioned that during the second world war for interrogation and torture purposes the Nazis would deprive their captives of sleep.  Without sufficient sleep captives would often break down and reveal secrets because they would literally have no control over their minds.  Poor quality sleep can often result in mood swings and depression.  A client of mine was suffering from symptoms similar to the above before she came to see me.  Here is what she had to say:

"My name is Gweneth Mattis I was experiencing pain all over my body in my joints.  I was unable to digest my food properly. I went to bed almost every night with a burning sensation in my stomach. My stomach was bloated every day as though I was pregnant!   I had no energy and suffered from poor concentration which made me feel  miserable and depressed.  I went  to see my GP who prescribed antidepressant tablets and pain killers.  He also sent me for X rays.  My GP tried his best he told me to go on taking the tablets and maybe the pain would go away.  I still was not very happy  and did not know where to turn.  I read about Errol in the Voice Newspaper  and decided to give the live blood test a try.

Before my live blood test I weighted 12 stone 3 pounds. Now I weight 11 stone. When I  first met Errol I was very nervous because I did not know what to expect.  I found Errol to be very intelligent,  he knew what he was talking about  and explained everything to me in a way that I could understand so I decided to try following his instructions.

The first week was very difficult  for me to adjust to my new lifestyle choices as I was not used to eating this way.  I usually ate fry ups in the morning with sweets fizzy drinks etc. Now I have  also gone off meat completely since starting this program most of my pain has gone and I no longer go to bed with a burning stomach.

I am no longer depressed or fatigued and feel more relaxed.  I have stopped taking pain killers and anti depressants as I no longer need them, they were not working anyway they only made me worse.  I exercise more now and have not been back to see my GP as I feel well. My family and friends have noticed that the black circles under my eyes have disappeared.  My skin is clearer and my blood is now a nice red colour  instead of the dark black red before.  I have a little way more to go but I will get there.”

Errol Denton is a Nutritional Microscopist live blood analyst based in Harley focused primarily on the creation of healthy red blood cells as this is the key to perfect health.  He can be contacted on 020 8498 9898 or www.livebloodtest.com

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