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What causes fatigue or extreme tiredness?

Oct 26, 2010

The human body runs on electricity believe it or not!  The heart has its very own pacemaker called the sinoatrial node or SA node.  The SA node is located at the right atrium of the heart and generates an electrical impulse that makes the heart beat.  The body is electric just like a battery which supplies energy.  Just like a battery the body can run out of energy and needs recharging.  The red blood cells in the body also carry a negative surface charge and gently repel each other in the plasma fluid when they are healthy.  When the red blood cells lose that charge due to what one eats and drinks then they will stick together making one feel fatigued.

Live blood analysis enables a person to identify the cause of fatigue and provide a simple solution through a tailor made nutritional programme.  Many people have experienced a tremendous increase in energy after years of extreme fatigue or TAT (Tired All the Time).  Below is just what one of our clients had to say about her experience..

"My name is Elsa Thompson, I’m 68, retired and living in the Borough, South London.  My Microscopy test took place on 23rd Oct 07.

For about 4 years my health has been very bad and for much of the time I had little energy and was virtually bed ridden.  When I did go out to pick up a few things from the shops, I would often have to turn back before I got there because of feeling fatigued. I also suffer with high blood pressure and diabetes and am on numerous tablets for these.

In October 07, my son took me to see Errol Denton for a live blood analysis.  I found Errol to be patient, informative and open.  Seeing my blood on the screen made me sad as it allowed me to see for the first time what was wrong with me but it was also a relief to actually see for myself what was causing me to feel so unwell.

I’ve tried hard to follow the diet that Errol recommended and have been drinking my Miracle drinks every day.  I can’t believe how much my health has improved!  Before I started following  this program my bedroom was also my living room, now I only sleep there because now I have so much more energy I’m always out and about.

Now, I don’t have to ask my body "permission” to do anything, I just do it! I bumped into friend of mine recently and she was amazed with how well I looked.  I’m very grateful to Errol for having given me my good quality of life back and have recommended his treatment to several of my friends; one of whom has already taken my advice and had her own live blood analysis.

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