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There are no diseases just bad nutritional choices

May 07, 2012

Has anyone ever wondered why human beings get all kinds of diseases whereas wild animals don’t get the same? The answer is really simple and that is although mankind thinks they are superior to animals intelectually they are not nutritionally.

No animal ever found in the wild has ever suffered from cancer. No autopsy has ever shown this to be so. The fact is that human beings may have placed men on the moon, split the atom and created a vast array of drugs and medicines but have not yet been able to cure cancer and all the diseases man suffers from.

Here at: http://www.livebloodtest.com we has reversed this terrible situation with a simple solution. That solution is nutrition. Based on the work of Antoine Bechamp applying the simple principles here: what our clients say has reversed cancer, diabetes, arthritis etc etc….

Why is this not being done in the hospitals? The hospitals and doctors are seeking a chemical drug solution to a nutritional problem, therefore they will never be successful.

Why cure a disease when there is more financial profit from dispensing medicines?

Our quiet revolution is not so quiet anymore with word of mouth spreading the message that health is a choice and there is no need for any drugs or medication. If you are one of the people who are now waking up to this fact then view what our vast amount of clients are now saying. We have cured hundreds of clients so visit our testimonial page to read more.

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