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McDonald's buy Olympics now McLympics

Jul 31, 2012

Picture for McDonald's buy Olympics now McLympics
Hold the presses it’s Mc- Lympics!  Yes you heard right people McDonald’s are the official sponsors and food providers for the Olympics.  Mickey D’s grip is so tight that other food sellers in the Olympic park are not permitted to sell chips unless it is with fish:


What has gone wrong with the world?  McDonald's have been responsible for creating more obese people on the planet than any other food company.  Giving McDonald's the respectability to represent themselves at the games with food is the same as if a Doctor were to give a terminal lung cancer sufferer a cigarette.  What on earth has this junk food got to do with sporting prowess health and fitness?  There are even concerns voiced in the article below about their sponsorship of the games due to obesity.


What is wrong with people? No one seems to really get this message.  Here you have a a junk food company selling products with no healthy nutritional value masquerading as official sponsor of a sporting event that calls for dedication to health and fitness!

People turn a blind eye because of one thing. Money.  McDonalds have so much financial clout from selling their junk food that destroys human lives they can buy and sell whole governments.  Governments that are corrupt enough to take the vast sums of money these companies offer and tell everyone it is OK.  It is not OK; It defies all reasonable logic and sanity.  Any right thinking person would logically question associating junk food with health and fitness just as they would question a cocaine baron associating themselves with a pharmaceutical company to gain respectability for their product.

We live in a world where people are becoming more and more sick due to the  foods they are consuming and no other reason.  It is now time for people to wake up to this ridiculous charade.

Here is someone who woke up and kicked the junk food into touch:

Read the whole story (opens in new window) …

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