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Natural Cancer Cure Story

Jul 16, 2012

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Recently I was at the airport about to board a flight for a work trip.  It was for an exclusive client that wanted to see me but wanted me to visit them.  Anyway as I glanced at the newspaper stand something caught my eye.  It was a story of a woman Vicky Stewart who had had breast cancer and had cured herself naturally using a quite famous asian herb called Turmeric over the course of approximately nine months.  She was attacked for it not being "SCIENTIFIC’


This was absolute no surprise to me because I advocate using food primarily as a medicine to all my clients as Hippocrates himself did.  As you can see we have a growing army of successful case study stories following this regime here: CASE STUDIES 

In holistic medicine the use of case studies is the benchmark method of proving that something categorically works.  The reason this is so is because of something called biochemical individuality.  What this means is that every single human being is biochemically different from each other.  No two people are the same on the planet our DNA is completely different.  This is why I use an individual approach with individualised tailor made nutrition plans for each client because one size does not fit all.

In the ‘scientific’ world however the benchmark is the ‘randomised double blind study” where a control group is given the drug; another group is given a placebo in other words possibly sugar and water pill with no active ingredient whatsoever.

Sometimes some of the people in the placebo group recover having not taken the drug due to the vast power of the human mind and this is called the placebo effect.  The major problem with a drug is that it is a chemical composition completely alien to the human organism and always has detrimental side effects.  The drug companies only design the drugs to suppress the symptoms and not cure conditions so the hapless victim continues to buy their product for the rest of their lives creating billions of pounds in revenue. Some drug companies can buy and sell some third world countries with the financial and political  clout that they posses as well media power.

This is why little old me using food as a medicine to cure conditions that were supposed to incurable is deemed to be ‘UNSCIENTIFIC’ 

Is a human being a ‘scientific’ organism??? If ‘scientific’ is such the holy grail of medicine why do so many millions die needlessly each year? Why are people like myself suddenly being bombarded by people who have had enough of this charade of lies and deceit of ‘science‘  Science is just a ruse to keep the masses fast asleep to the truth about health.  Our quiet live blood test health revolution is not so quiet anymore. 

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