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Genetically Modified Foods Cause Cancer!

Oct 08, 2012

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Humans were never designed to eat unnatural Genetically Modified foods and as a result the cancer rates in the United States has rocketed.  The media has been attempting to promote Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) by suggesting that it is the way to prevent food shortages in the future for a growing world population.  RUBBISH! The crops do not grow because of the use of pesticides and other man made pollutants.  Most importantly intensive unnatural farming methods have depleted to minerals from the soil.

The chemical companies who are just an extension of the pharmaceutical companies then approach the poor farmer offering chemical fertilisers and pesticides which of course will create diseases in humans. The Pharmaceutical companies can then profit from selling drugs that merely suppress symptoms making the consumer a drug slave for life.

The next time health time bomb is of course GMO foods which is already killing millions and will if permitted to continue kill billions of humans on planet earth by causing cancer.

The Russians have taken the step of banning the import of American GMO maize. 


The French study proves what I have been saying all along that humans cannot consume artificial foods without suffering dire health consequences namely increased cancer rates.

In this study laboratory rats were found to have a higher death rate.  Females were more likely to develop mammary tumours (Breast Cancer in Humans)  There were 4 times more kidney pathologies in male rats.  


Monsanto however are disputing these results as false and with their great 

financial/political muscle they will eventually get their way.  They will only be able to kill millions of people if the public are not made aware of this nefarious plot. 

People are being hypnotised into believing that pharmaceutical drugs are the answer to sickness and disease. My wake up question to these people is simply this:  Why do wild animals never get Cancer or Diabetes etc etc?? It is because they eat according to the natural dietary laws that us humans have forsaken. 

Here at Live Blood Test FZE we have been dedicated to alerting people to the health dangers in the foods they are consuming.  View some of our case studies of people who no longer need to take pharmaceutical drugs by using food as a medicine here: 


Please,Please,Please! Share this information with all your family friends and loved ones. It could just save their lives!

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