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Kate Middleton AKA (Duchess of Cambridge) Burn your Bra and prevent breast Cancer!

Oct 05, 2012

Picture for Kate Middleton AKA (Duchess of Cambridge) Burn your Bra and prevent breast Cancer!

With all the furore over Kate’s topless photos there is a much more serious side to this and that is that wearing a bra can lead to breast cancer, cysts, swelling and breast pain.

I have been saying for many years that wearing a bra can lead to breast cancer. This is because it blocks lymphatic drainage by compressing the breasts. In my Harley Street practice I have seen many clients who have suffered from breast cancer and gone down the conventional hospital route of surgery. One of the first things that the surgeons do is to remove the lymph nodes of these women. They say it is a preventative procedure.  How crazy is that! The lymphatic system is a form of drainage of toxins for the human body and wearing a bra prohibits that drainage. Now these poor women have no drainage system for the toxins in their bodies. Wouldn’t it be wiser not to wear these unnatural man made contraptions that distort the natural function of the lymphatic system called bras in the first place?

Kate visited the Soloman Islands shortly after the topless fiasco and could hardly keep a straight face when the women were dancing topless.  The breast cancer rates among these women is non existent!


When I examine the blood of women wearing bras; lymphatic stress as well as congestion in the breast area can usually be seen. I have been advising women for years not to wear bras.  When they return for a future blood test the results show a reduction of acidity in the breast area. It would appear that now I have been vindicated reading these new scientific discoveries here: 


Whenever there is a toxic buildup which is not cleared by the lymphatic system this can promote breast cancer cells.  It is not only wearing a bra that can cause a toxic buildup in the breasts.  The food one eats can also contribute to this.  A Harvard University study of ninety thousand women published in 2006 indicated that women in their twenties, thirties and forties who ate red meat greatly increased their chances of contracting breast cancer.

By changing the diet of one of my client’s drastically she was able to overcome breast cancer without surgery and without the removal of her lymph nodes and has been cancer free for the past four years. She no longer wears a bra ever now either. 

Errol Denton

1 Harley Street

London W1G 9QD


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