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Errol Denton Harley Street Blood Specialist Regards Milk As A Poison For African Americans

Nov 30, 2012

It has been a long known fact that 99% of African Americans are intolerant to lactose in milk they simply lack the necessary gene to digest it.   Contrary to popular belief milk is a substance for baby cows and not for human consumption.  

When a female gives birth she naturally produces milk in order to feed the baby, this natural milk is rich in friendly bacteria that begins to strengthen the baby’s immune system.  After a period of time the mother stops producing breast milk just like cows do.   The question is how do we get milk from cows all year round every year if they are not having calves?  The answer is simple cows are given hormones to produce milk long term.  These  hormones along with antibiotics find their way into the milk supply for human consumption.  From the constant milking cows get mastitis which causes a pus like substance to enter the milk supply.  Lactose strips the intestinal lining and is a major cause of spots especially in teenagers.  Milk or milk products should never be consumed in any form because of the endless list of harmful effects that it has on the human body. 

We will hear what Senator Wilkerson has to say about milk but first let us know a little about Senator Wilkerson. State Senator Dianne Wilkerson obtained her law degree from Boston College Law School in 1981. She represents Boston's Second District, and recently made headline news in an article appearing in the Boston Globe. That article then appeared on the AP newswire and was re-printed across America. 

The Boston Globe ran a story when the Senator refused a fee gift of cereal for the school system because it would have had to consumed with milk. She said:

 "Cereal? That means they will have to have milk," 

"It's crazy we should be giving urban children milk when such a high proportion of them are children of color,"

Pizza and ice cream taste delicious on the way into people’s bodies. Lactose is a sugar and most people need the enzyme (lactase) to break down lactose into glucose and galactose. Intact, this sugar is broken down in the intestines by bacteria and the results are gas, bloating and intestinal distress.

Casein represents eighty percent of milk protein. This tenacious glue causes histamine production, the body's natural defence against an invading antigen. Your antibodies result in mucus, and plenty of it. Inner-city school systems like Boston, New York, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles have very large populations of African-American students. In New York City, 38 percent of homeless children and 23 percent of kids in the Bronx schools have asthma. Got milk? Got cheese? These kids do, particularly chocolate milk.

Milk contains powerful hormones. Rates of sexual maturity in children are astounding endocrinologists and behavioural psychologists. A recent study revealed that eighty percent of nine-year-old African-American girls had breast development.

Children are becoming overweight at an early age. By eating growth hormones in combination with animal fat, the body has a way of listening to the signals of those chemical messengers: GROW!

One out of five children has attention deficit disorder (ADD). A recent study in the Journal of Autism linked ADD with a milk protein, casomorphin. (Source: NotMilk)



Here are just a few more issues associated with milk consumption:

A study of 20,000 babies indicated that the mortality rate of Pasteurised milk fed babies were 56 time greater than that of completely breast fed babies.

Completely breast fed babies were less likely to develop degenerative diseases later in life.

Feeding babies 3 months old cows milk causes insulin deficiency and damage to the beta cells in the pancreas which causes diabetes. According to Dr Virtanen at Finland University.

Higher susceptibility to multiple sclerosis than breast fed babies. http://ije.oxfordjournals.org/content/34/5/1160.full

There are alternatives to cows milk such as almond nut milk or coconut milk.  These are made fresh simply by blending with water and straining the resultant liquid from the pulp.  This should keep in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 days.

Finally to dispel the protein myth how can a human obtain protein from a substance that is not for human consumption.  Secondly where does the cow get her protein from in the first place? The grass along with all green leafy vegetables contain huge amounts of protein and calcium. Harvard studies showed that dairy products did not prevent or even help osteoporosis.  When looking at blood Errol Denton can immediately tell when someone is consuming high levels of milk and dairy. 

Errol Denton is a Nutritional Microscopist live blood analyst focussed primarily on the creation of healthy red blood cells as this is the key to perfect health.  He can be contacted on 020 8498 9898 or www.livebloodtest.com

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